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Avengers Tower Battle
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  • With 5 floors and 7 feature-packed rooms, the Marvel Avengers: Avengers Tower Battle is bursting with role-play possibilities with classic Marvel characters
  • Rooms include Black Widow’s Sky Cycle garage, the Arc Reactor room, the Armory room, a tech lab, a jail and 2 balconies; The Iron Man minifigure comes with 2 additional armors: Blazer and Tazer
  • The structure opens to reveal 5 floors of easily accessible, authentically detailed play space; Kids' imaginations will be inspired by fun features, such as a blast-open jail, collapsible balcony and a rocket launcher
  • This Marvel fans’ construction set makes an ideal holiday toy or birthday gift for kids aged 8 and up who love superhero action and adventure
  • At 17” (44cm) high, the Marvel Avengers Tower gives kids lots of cool features to explore.
  • 685 pieces