Laval's Fire Lion – Affordable Building Blocks

Laval's Fire Lion
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  • Includes 3 : Laval, Cragger and Mungus Weapons include a Fire Various for Laval, Vengblaze for Cragger and a Tung-Tusk for Mungus
  • Features cockpit, 4-missile shooting weapon pod, fire CHI, fire CHI attachment point, fire CHI power mode, rear CHI holder, tools, CHI weapon holders
  • Also features lion detailing, opening jaws, possible joints and flame elements Accessories include 3 removable CHI crystals in Mungus' belt
  • Place Laval and Cragger side by side in the cockpit! Shoot 4 missiles at once from the rocket pod! Help Cragger get to the blue CHI before Mungus!
  • Measures over 6" high, 9" long and 7" wide in race mode and over 7" high, 9" long and 11" wide in fire-up mode.
  • 450 pieces.