Maula's Ice Mammoth Stomper – Affordable Building Blocks

Maula's Ice Mammoth Stomper
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  • Includes 6 with weapons: Maule, Mott rot, Strainer, Vernon, Razor and Worry Also includes a fire slider vehicle for Worry and CHI
  • Weapons: Tusk staff for Maule, Mamzooka for Mott rot, Triple Freeze for Strainer, Chokize for Vernon, Insinasabre for Razor and a Howlthrowa for Worry
  • Place Maule in the command area! Pose the trunk! Launch the flyer and shoot the flick missiles! Sneak up on the Ice Mammoth Stomper in Worry's vehicle
  • Maule's Ice Mammoth Stomper measures 8" high, 15" long and 4" wide
  • Detachable flyer measures 1" high, 12" long and 11" wide Fire slider measures 3" long and 1" wide and under 1" high.
  • 604 pieces.