Vardy's Ice Vulture Glider – Affordable Building Blocks

Vardy's Ice Vulture Glider
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  • Includes 2 : Vardy and Landor Weapons include a Blaze powder for Landor and a Bonezythe for Vardy
  • Ice Vulture Glider features huge talons, dual flick missiles on each side, possible wings and claws, translucent elements, plus a detachable flyer!
  • Landor's weapon station features 2-part splitting function, fire CHI and a flame gun with translucent fire element
  • Vardy's Ice Vulture Glider measures over 3" high, 7" long and 11" wide
  • Detachable flyer measures over 2" long, 7" wide and under 1" high Landor's weapon station measures over 2" high, 3" wide and 3" deep.
  • 217 pieces.