Minecraft The Deep Dark Battle – Affordable Building Blocks

Minecraft The Deep Dark Battle
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  • Minecraft players can experience real-life action in the biome with Minecraft The Deep Dark Battle building toy, featuring an ancient city
  • Kids can explore the city locations and mine precious resources, including a Minecraft treasure chest with a bone, healing potion and 2 toy snowballs
  • Includes Minecraft the elven Arbalest knight and the dwarven Netherite knight, plus a large buildable Minecraft warden action figure
  • Kids turn a knob to raise the warden; as battle ensues players flick a switch to trigger a big explosion in the tower and reveal the hidden treasure.
  • Accessories include armor for the knights, cool weapons and an enchanted hoe for kids to to harvest the precious skulk from the Minecraft biome
  • 584 pieces.