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Old Mill by the Sea
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  • Capture the architectural details of this model not only closes the original set off at the back, it also expands on it with new buildings and rooms.
  • Build an impressive Old Mill by the Sea with detailed elements added to an outstanding set.
  • This impressive Old Mill by the Sea is great for any collection.
  • The base of the model is designed with a strong foundation; ready for any high tide. 
  • This 3-level building has a removable roof and the top 2 levels lift off for easy access to the fully furnished bedroom, kitchen and workshop.
  • An impressive buildable model to photograph and share, it makes a top gift for yourself or brick fans and hobbyists.
  • Old Mill by the Sea measures over 17.7” (45cm) high, 12.5” (32cm) long and 12.5” (32cm) wide.
  • 1,762 pieces