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Pirate Fortress
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  • Capture the amazing details and size of this model The Pirate Fortress
  • It is rich in color and full of many surprising details. It can be built and displayed proudly with family or by yourself.
  • Make your own Pirate Fortress: Build and experience an exquisite collection with lots of details. The fort is located on two islands linked by a bridge. The island has a pier and a pirate ship, which is linked to the tower by the bridge through the front door, you can connect each room, enter the imprisonment room and the storage room, etc.
  • Build your own Pirate Fortress; build and experience an exquisite ancient collection .Rich details in appearance in ancient architectural style, and much more other detailed decorations.
  • The Pirate Fortress is great for any collection; with over 1,964 pieces you'll have countless hours of fun and enjoyment.
  • Pirate Fortress measures over 21.6” (55cm) high, 16.5” (42cm) long and 16.5” (42cm) wide.
  • 1,964 pieces