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The Highstone Fortress
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  • This model not only closes the original set off at the back, it also expands on it with new buildings and rooms.
  • The Highstone Fortress is located in the Lion Kingdom. The fortress is located on the Shiyuan River. Defensive towers and city walls, prisons in dungeons, armory, treasury, secret escape doors behind wine racks, kitchens with stoves...
  • The moat and the road can be separated, and there are many dark rooms in the castle waiting for you to discover.
  • Build an impressive Highstone Fortress with detailed elements added to the castle.
  • A storage room, next to the kitchen an alcove with a private chapel for the lord's family, next to their chambers a half-timbered house with sleeping quarters for the castle's common folk.
  • The Highstone Fortress is great for any collection; with over 12,323 pieces you'll have countless hours of fun and enjoyment.
  • The vault with an armory and an underground pond, expanding the castle's secret whine cellar a watch tower another crenelated wall a small jetty on a pond for fishing two additional spruces.
  • 12,323 pieces